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Monday 12 June 2017

RFID Campus Automation

College administrations across the world are finding effective ways to reduce the overall burden of the administrative division of the college so that they can focus on strategic planning for betterment of the institutions, while keeping a track on other functions and operations of the colleges. So, to address the need of the colleges Netpaze Solutions has come forth with their revolutionary RFID Campus Automation solutions that streamline the management process of the administration of the colleges.
RFID based Campus Automation system is the comprehensive tool that is masterly designed to ease the workload of the management team of the college. Now, colleges are not required worry about the administrative management of the college as they can have close tab on all the operations of the institutions, while planning for the betterment of the college. In nutshell, our campus automation system is a complete package that is designed to lessen the overall burden in the administrative function of the college.
Netpaze Solutions has designed this comprehensive campus automation system that provides the administration of the college with automated campus management solutions for institutions. It helps them to get accurate time attendance record and access library management system, control system canteen management and tracking the school buses. So, you must consider leveraging our advanced campus automation system based on RFID in your institution today.
Our RFID based Campus Automation solution promises to decrease the burden of the management team, enabling them to get involved in other activities like planning for strategies for betterment of the institutions.

RFID Based Inventory Management System ( Inventrack )

Whether you operate a retail store or involve in some kind of industry where up-to-date, precise tool crib software, tracking tools for inventory are required, you might be well aware how disastrous it can be when some problem occurs with the supply chain. Fortunately, if you are looking for some something upgraded tool for exceptional inventory management and control to cut down the waste and organize the business process then Netpaze Solutions can help you with its exceptional RFID based inventory management system.
Our RFID inventory management system ( Inventrack ) comprises innovative RFID displace case, robust software program and RFID Tags which you can incorporate all the high-tech products into one solution, especially if you are running an retail store and looking for retail applications to streamline the business process.

Our RFID Inventory management solutions are based on exceptional technology that provides you with real time inventory management and focus on precise measures of supplies and hence enable you to streamline the purchasing process with ease. So, now you don’t have to worry about overstocking the shelves, running out of particular items or any other similar investor management problems. The RFID inventory control system is masterly designed to let you know when the item is removed from case and when employee removed it and replaced it with new one and when it was sold to customers. It will give you complete details about the inventory and hence you to streamline the process of buying and selling of inventory. Our solutions will give you in-depth and innovative inventory management control. 

RFID Attendance Management System (StudentTrack)

Student’s academic performance and school’s reputation are co-related with the attendance of the students. Similarly, the productivity rate and higher ROI is greatly based on the performance and attendance of the employees at workplace. No matter how tech-oriented and smart your workplace or school is, it is crucial to implement RFID attendance management system into your workplace or educational system to enhance productivity and performance. So, go smart and boost up the brand rapport with the RFID powered attendance management system offered by Netpaze Solutions.

Attendance is taken at various places, schools, colleges, workplace and industries to keep a record of the login and logout time of the students and employees. So, our RFID attendance system can be used to keep a vigilant record of all the employees and students attendance. We have designed this RFID based system with a microcontroller that not only records the attendance of the students or employees, but also store them safely for further references. It has a microcontroller memory where all the data and information are stored for further use.

Netpaze Solutions has been serving the industry with best in class and technologically advanced attended monitoring system based on RFID technology and it serves as an effective time log which is installed as computerized database. The prime focus of the system is to monitor and maintain daily records of person’s time of arrival and departure from school or work. The system’s database is a software application that stores all the electronic files and data about the person’s history, name and date of birth, address and attendance history.

RFID Based File Tracking System (TrackFile)

Today, there is a quandary that most of the employees at workplace spend large amount of their time in coping up with the avalanche of files and documents instead of spending time in other crucial job at workplace. So, to address such issues we at Netpaze Solutions has come forth with exceptional and result-oriented File Tracking System which is based on advanced RFID technology. It is a fully automated local tracking or positioning system that is widely used in offices and other institutions to track and identify and manage documents and business files with ease and in less time.

Netpaze Solutions has been serving the industry with its revolutionary RFID based File Tracking System that facilitates quick reissuing, issuing and returning of business files and other documents using RFID enabled modules and tags. The system is designed to offer instant file and member information to the file manager without any manual intervention.

Our RFID File Management solutions required no line of sight to interpret the RFID tags and can easily read multiple tags consistently from a fixed distance. Moreover, each of the tag has its own unique tag ID; therefore the file management system is totally free from counterfeiting and bogus report. Moreover, the system is designed with supreme quality anti-theft system. The system consistently monitors the movement of the files and ensure that no file is out taken out without prior issuing are tracked and the same will be intimated to the management with an auto alarm.