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Monday 12 June 2017

RFID Attendance Management System (StudentTrack)

Student’s academic performance and school’s reputation are co-related with the attendance of the students. Similarly, the productivity rate and higher ROI is greatly based on the performance and attendance of the employees at workplace. No matter how tech-oriented and smart your workplace or school is, it is crucial to implement RFID attendance management system into your workplace or educational system to enhance productivity and performance. So, go smart and boost up the brand rapport with the RFID powered attendance management system offered by Netpaze Solutions.

Attendance is taken at various places, schools, colleges, workplace and industries to keep a record of the login and logout time of the students and employees. So, our RFID attendance system can be used to keep a vigilant record of all the employees and students attendance. We have designed this RFID based system with a microcontroller that not only records the attendance of the students or employees, but also store them safely for further references. It has a microcontroller memory where all the data and information are stored for further use.

Netpaze Solutions has been serving the industry with best in class and technologically advanced attended monitoring system based on RFID technology and it serves as an effective time log which is installed as computerized database. The prime focus of the system is to monitor and maintain daily records of person’s time of arrival and departure from school or work. The system’s database is a software application that stores all the electronic files and data about the person’s history, name and date of birth, address and attendance history.

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